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STOP! Your health is in danger from invisible germs!

Now more than ever before, keeping dangerous germs away has been critically important in maintaining good health. But how do you protect your face AND eyes from germs, droplets, and saliva while still being able to comfortably maintain 100% visibility and comfort? 


  • Full Face Protection: Offers FULL 180-degree protection of the eyes and face from germs, saliva or any other potentially dangerous droplets
  • Premium Medical-Grade Quality: Made of durable, flexible Acrylic, and PET materials. Comes with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses
  • Replaceable & Cleanable: The ultra-light shield can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed
  • Anti-Fog: The PET acrylic material provides high optical clarity and is designed with open space above the shield preventing annoying vision obstructing fog from forming while retaining maximum central and peripheral vision
  • Designed in the USA: The shield is designed locally in San Francisco, CA. Each set comes with 1 pair of acrylic glasses and 1 face shield. Glasses and shields are easily assembled together.

With premium medical our grade face-shield, UVClean's Face Shield is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your entire face from germs, to keep you and your family healthy.

Why Use A Protective Face Shield?

Our Protective Face Shield is made from a clear PET acrylic which features fully transparent eye protection from droplets (including germs) & saliva. Each order comes with Reusable Goggles and a washable shield. The face shield is light, durable, and flexible and is easy to replace and clean.

Medical-Grade PPE

Advanced Technology For Excellent Performance: Safe, reliable, and hygienic.

Easy & Quick Assembly




Q: What kind of protection does this face shield offer?

A: Full face protection, offers 180-degree protection from saliva or any other unwanted droplets

Q: What is this product made out of?

A: Made of medical-grade durable Acrylic and PET materials. Comes with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses

Q: Why is my face shield foggy/not fully transparent?

A: The face shields have two layers of protective film on both sides to protect the face shield during transit. Carefully peel the protective film off (it’ll come off like a sticker) from both sides prior to use for full transparent visibility.

Q: Can I lift the shield up (over my face) to eat etc?

A: No, but they are designed to be easily removable, as you simply lift the eyeglasses over your head (like normal eyeglasses. It's designed to be so comfortable that you'll forget you even have it on. A lot of customers wear this and forget that they have it on oftentimes lifting food/drinks to their face into the face shield (oops!).

Q: How do I take care of the face shield?

A: The face shield is replaceable and cleanable. The shield can be easily detached and replaced as needed. Washable using water and a lint-free cloth, recommended cleaning using alcohol and lint-free cloth

Q: Is the face shield anti-fog?

A: The material used and open air space design is engineered to prevent fog from forming while permitting the maximum visibility

Q: Can I use these over glasses?

A: The comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses

In the Box

  • 5 x Reusable UVClean Protective Acrylic Face Shield

  • 5 x Reusable Protective Glasses

 Product Details

  • Dimensions: 10" W x 8" H
  • Material: High-Quality Acrylic and PET
  • Offers full coverage of eyes, nose, and mouth, prevents one from touching eyes and mouth
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