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UVCleanHealth Glow Wand - UV Portable Handheld WandUVCleanHealth Glow Wand - UV Portable Handheld Wand
Glow Wand - UV Portable Handheld Wand
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UVCleanHealth Glow Tower - Premium UV Sanitizing LampUVCleanHealth Glow Tower - Premium UV Sanitizing Lamp
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UVClean Health Face Shield (10pcs)UVClean Health Protective Face Shield, Fully Transparent (5pcs set)
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UVCleanHealth [Buy 1] Reusable & Washable N 95 w/ Filter (Lab Tested)UVCleanHealth Reusable & Washable N 95 w/ Filter (Lab Tested)
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UVCleanHealth Glow Box 2.0 - Premium UV Sanitizing BagUVCleanHealth Glow Box 2.0 - Premium UV Sanitizing Bag
Glow Box 2.0 - UV Sanitizing Bag
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UVCleanHealth thermometer No-Touch Infrared ThermometerUVCleanHealth UVClean iHealth - Infrared Thermometer
No-Touch Infrared Thermometer
$69.90 $149.99
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Germs are all around us and can cause us to become very ill, resulting in time off from work. When we become sick, we can infect vulnerable individuals we care about (the elderly, young children, or people with immune problems).

UVC technology is a trusted germicidal tool used for decades in medical practice settings, businesses, airplanes, water sanitation, and more.

The powerful light energy effectively damages the DNA/RNA structure of germs, blocking their ability replicate and cause sickness. UVC light kills up to 99.99%* of germs, keeping yourself and the people you care about safe.



Kills Up To 99.9% of Germs in Minutes

Lab tested, proven to eliminate disease causing germs (viruses, bacteria, mold). Protect yourself against hidden threats

Healthy & Safe

Effectively sterilizes without the use of chemicals. Safe, environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful residue or odors

Easy to Use

Cleans in minutes. Use to prolong use of personal protective equipment (i.e. masks, face shields, respirators), clean mobile phones, keyboards, bedding, hard to reach crevices 

Remove Bad Odors

Eradicate air contaminants that cause bad odors and allergies, supplying crisp fresh-smelling air




UVClean Health is a certified and trusted brand that specializes in effective medical grade UV-C sterilization products.

UV-C technology has been clinically tested in numerous independent studies and effectively removes up to 99.9%* of illness causing germs (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi).

It has never been more critically important than now to protect your loved ones by keeping your homes and environment safe and germ-free.


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“I recommend UVClean Health as an extra precautionary measure, especially during these unprecedented times to minimize the risk of disease transmission especially in light of the absence of a current vaccine or curative drug therapy."
- David Ahn, MD  

"Hospital employees often get sick from flu, fever and other virus-related diseases often. After using UVClean Health products, there have been fewer cases of sickness. If people do get sick, UVC helps to reduce the spread of germs."

- Satish Misra, MD 

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