Glow Lamp Product Unboxing, Review & UVC Verification Test


Meet Jay Shapiro. He is the trusted Editor-in-Chief of Gizmo Verge, a talented group of tech writers that evaluate the newest cutting edge technology. In this Features Daily video, he does a thorough unboxing, production explanation, as well as personal thoughts as well as a science backed experiment using the Glow Lamp as well as bacteria medium on an agar petri dish. Enjoy!

Glow Lamp by UVClean Health

Easy One-Click Operation

Powerful germ killing power quickly sterilize objects in just minutes.

Versatile Disinfection

The Glow Lamp can be used to disinfect masks, mobile devices, jewelry, watches, pacifiers, toothbrush, etc. Giving yourself peace of mind and keeping your family safe and clean from germs has never been easier

Wireless Battery Powered Operation

Safely clean even large rooms with the easy-to-use chargeable wireless design.

Portable & Easy to Use

Durable and  lightweight, Glow Lamp is 1.6”x0.6” in dimensions. Integrated convenient carry handle, making it perfect for every room. Simple one-button click to sanitize  

Versatile, Perfect for Commercial Use

We have many business customers who buy Glow Tower in bulk to sterilize hospitals, nursing homes, universities, grocery markets, casinos, restaurants, warehouses etc.

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