5 Layer Activated Carbon Mask Filter Replacement

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Activated Carbon Filter Replacements

  • Superior 5-layer filtration offers protection from 99 % of contaminated air particles, pollutants, germs greater than 0.3 micron size for cleaner breathing
  • Provides great protection against non-oil based aerosols and blocks particles from grinding, sanding, sweeping and filters out flour, pollen, metal and wood dust.
  • Comfortable non-woven activated carbon replacement filters are a perfect complement for our popular N 95 washable and reusable mask
  • Replacement filters ideal for activities such as construction, woodworking, running, cycling, anti pollution, hiking, walking, travelling and regular daily use to breathe cleaner

How Often to Replace?

Duration time for filter depends on the breathing rate of the user and the pollution level. We recommend replacing the filter every 24 hours if the mask is used extensively in high risk areas, or during heavy dust exposure activities such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition etc.

Filter Replacing Instructions:

1) Open the mask to expose the filter and valve

2) Separate the two valves, by turning them counterclockwise

3) Replace the old filter with anew one

4) Reattach the two valves by turning them clockwise

5) Enjoy cleaner, fresher air!

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