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STOP! Your health is in danger from invisible germs!


Now more than ever before, keeping dangerous germs away has been critically important in maintaining good health. If your home isn’t clean, you are more likely to become sick and your health may suffer.

With medical grade UV-C technology, UVClean is one of the smartest things you can do to immediately kill disease causing bacteria & viruses keeping you and your family healthy.

And Now, The Good News....

Thanks to advancement in LED chip technology, the germicidal properties of UVC light are finally now available in the form of a portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer.

The Glow Smile by UVClean is powered by 7 watts of cleaning power, disinfecting all of your toothbrushes and oral appliances - eliminating up to 99.9%* of the pathogens, molds, spores and viruses - at the flick of a switch. 

Just place toothbrushes into Glow Smile for sterilizing, and simply let it operate to quickly and effectively destroy the pathogens. Cleaning has never been easier.

Why UV-C Sanitizing Lights?

Your toothbrush is full of surfaces that can be made home by germs. Simply drenching everything in chemical disinfectant sprays is impractical and potentially hazardous. 

Until now, there wasn’t a safe and effective chemical-free way to disinfect these objects. Thankfully, ultraviolet light technology is now available as the perfect solution to kill bacteria and viruses, without the use of harsh dangerous chemicals. 

Medical Grade UV-C

uvcleaning light

UV-C is used in hospitals but was very expensive and space consuming. Now you can finally bring the same medical grade germ killing sanitization technology safely into your home too.

How Does it Work?

When bacteria and viruses come into contact with ultraviolet light it damages their DNA structure (nucleic acid). This means these harmful microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce, ending their ability to cause infectious disease!

When my daughter was born (she was a preemie) they kept her tiny body in the NICU for close monitoring. They required us to use a UV Sanitizer Light on our cell phones and other possessions before entering to be sure we weren’t exposing the babies to any harmful bacteria. If UV-C technology is used to protect infants in hospitals, you can rest assured in knowing it is super effective.

Science Based Results






  • Instant Damage: Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of a single-celled microorganism is damaged. This leads to its immediate death & loss of reproductivity. 
  • Wide Range of Applications: The Glow Smile can be used to easily and quickly disinfect your whole families' toothbrushes.
  • Ideal for commercial use: We have many trade customers who bought Glow Smile in bulk to sterilize items, furniture, utensils, equipment etc for their businesses or home use. FOR BULK PRICING: Please contact us for a special price if you need more than 50 units. We can give you a special discount.
  • Portable and Easy to Use: Small and lightweight, Glow Smile is easy to set up and forget it's even there. Simply push the switch and you can use it to sanitize immediately.
  • Kills Up To 99.9%* of Microorganisms: Bacteria, Viruses, Germs, Molds, Salmonella, E.coli, etc.


Q: How does UVClean work?

A: Our revolutionary UVClean technology kills up to 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses using the same powerful UV-C LED lights used in hospitals. UV-C, a short wavelength light invisible to the human eye, kills these germs by disrupting their DNA so they can’t function or reproduce. The UV-C sanitizer maximizes sanitization effectiveness between light dispersion angle and UV-C intensity to ensure optimal ultraviolet light exposure across both sides of your device.

Q: Are nails/special tools required for installation?

A: No nails are required during installation, convenient storage and easy cleaning.

Q: What is the battery life on one charge?

A: 45 days battery life on one charge.

Q: What can I sanitize in my UVClean?

A: Practically all sizes and shapes of motorized or non-motorized toothbrushes can be sanitized by the Glow Smile by UVClean

Q: Can I put UV Sterilization Lamp in my home?

A: Yes – UV Sterilization Lamp technology has been safely used in homes, as well as in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, doctors offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and residential environments throughout the world - any place a concern for clean air exists.

Q: Does UV Sterilization Lamp kill viruses?

A: Yes, UV Sterilization Lamp kills up to 99.9%* of most viruses, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.

Q: How hot can the lamps get?

A: Germicidal UVC lamps do not produce much heat - about the same as fluorescent lamps.

Q: Is UV-C Harmful?

A: Only prolonged exposure (ie. 8 or more hours) to UV-C light will be harmful to humans. As a safety precaution, do not look into the light or use directly on or around the body.

Q: Can I use multiple sets?

A: Yes! Feel free to use them in all of the rooms that need sanitization the most so you can enjoy good oral hygiene (and peace of mind).

Package Includes:

1 x Portable UV Sterilizing Lamp

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Nail Free Adhesive Mounting Bracket

1 x User Manual


Material White ABS+PC
Power Source USB port charging 
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Weight 0.5 kg
Input Voltage 5V±0.2V Micro-USB
Input Current 750mA±50mA
UV Tube: 2x0.5W, LED: 4x0.06W
UV Wavelength 218.7 nm

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