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STOP! Your health is in danger from invisible germs!

Don't leave your health to chance. The CDC recommends wearing a face-covering in public, where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, and in areas of significant community-based transmission. These disposable face masks help block exhaled droplets to prevent the further spread of germs.

 The 3 ply masks are an industry standard for respiratory equipment which has the intended effect of filtering up to 95% of large-particle droplets greater than 0.3 microns. Use to prevent the spread of germs.

* Disposable 3 ply non-woven masks used to filter airborne particles (including germs), droplets, saliva, aerosols, chemical pollutants, dust, automobile exhaust, pollen
* Stay safe and protected. BFE filtration rate of 95%, with a 95% protective efficiency
*Made of hypoallergenic environmental friendly material, moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and breathable
* Adjustable noseclip for safety without compromising comfort
* Elastic ear loops to reduce pressure to the ears for comfortable all day use (can be criss-crossed around ears or tied into a knot for tighter fit)
* Size: 6.89'' x 3.74'' (17.5 x 9.5 cm)
*  FDA, CE Certified

 Certification/ Class (Standard) 3 ply mask
Filter Performance – (must be ≥ X% efficient) ≥ 95%
Intended Use & Purpose Fluid-resistant and provides the wearer protection against large droplets, splashes, or sprays of bodily or other hazardous fluids. Helps protect others from the wearer’s respiratory emissions.
Test Agent NaCl
Flow Rate 85 L/min
Total Inward Leakage (TIL)*  ≤ 8% leakage (arithmetic mean)
Inhalation Resistance  ≤ 350 Pa
Flow Rate 85 L/min
Exhalation Resistance  ≤ 250 Pa
Exhalation Valve Leakage Requirement Depressurization to 0 Pa ≥ 20 sec
Force Applied -1180 Pa
CO2 Clearance Requirement ≤ 1%
Testing & Approval Passed YY/T0969-2013 standard for a single-use face mask.

Click the links below for downloadable certification: 

FDA Certification

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