UV-C Sanitizing Light Disinfection: Travel Pack Bundle

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Travel Pack Bundle

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What's Included

1 x Glow Box 1.0

1 x Glow Box 2.0 

1 x Glow Lamp

2 x Glow Wand


Total MSRP: $720.80

Bundle Price: $290.90


Use the same powerful light disinfecting technology trusted by hospitals, laboratories, food, air, and water purification for decades. The Travel Pack Bundle contains all of our portable customer favorites so you can travel anywhere with confidence whether it's a local getaway or a prolonged international getaway. 

Enjoy simple, hands-free, chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning - all at just the push of a button. Don't just clean, UVClean.

Why UV-C? Other Cleaning Methods
Effective, cleans quickly Time consuming, manual cleaning
Germs have no UV-C resistance Germs can develop resistance
Easy to use, no mess Time consuming, messy residue, film
Cleans large areas in minutes Limited by areas chemicals can reach
Improves air quality Can't purify the air
Saves $ over time More $$$ over time
Can use on all non-organic matter Chemicals are impractical for many items
Good for Earth, better for you Bad for the Earth, bad for you
Uses light energy to clean Uses chemicals/spray to clean

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